Trauma Counselling in Faversham

Face to face support to recover from traumatic events

Trauma counselling in Faversham

I offer trauma counselling in Faversham (in person) or online. Psychological and physical distress from trauma can be linked to single events, or circumstances which went on for weeks, months or years. The echoes of these periods can affect all part of ones’ life. It can make having a positive self-image (and trusting oneself) very difficult. It can also make trusting and relating to others hard or impossible. People who have experienced trauma can also experience things like poor sleep, anger, irritation, obsessive thinking and a near constant state of anxiety and hyper-vigilance (constantly monitoring your environment for threats).

For some, our in-built ability to heal is sufficient to recover from the experiences which trouble us. For other people, this inbuilt system needs a bit of help. If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider finding some support.

How can counselling help?

Counselling for trauma can involve a variety of techniques, and the approach we take will be tailored specifically to you, based on your needs and preferences. My approach focusses on creating a safe counselling space, and taking things at a pace which works for you as the client. I offer open-ended contracts, so we are never pressured to go further or faster than you feel comfortable with. I combine grounding techniques, to help manage the day to day, with work unpacking the deeper issues which arise from the traumatic events. This can include reprocessing the events themselves, but also exploring how they link to your current situation and experience. Looking at how the defenses you developed to keep you safe in the past work for you now, developing self-belief and (sometimes) self-forgiveness are also important elements. For some traumatic events, we can also use specific approaches such as the Rewind technique to facilitate safe and effective reprocessing.

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My counselling in Faversham practice is based in central Faversham, in a bright, spacious and discrete set of rooms. You can find out more about working with me by clicking here. Counselling is a big investment in yourself, both in terms of money and time. As such, its important to find someone who is the right fit by getting to know them a little before you commit. If you’d like to explore working with me, please use the form below to reach out.

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