Counselling CPD for practitioners

Better knowledge, better client outcomes

Welcome to my selection of counselling CPD for counsellors and therapists. As committed professionals, we want the best for our clients, and this includes growing as a therapist and practitioner. My continuous professional development is specifically focussed on improving skills , focussed on techniques underpinned by good theory and sound practice based evidenced.  I offer online, ‘learn at your own pace’ courses through a well-known learning platform (Udemy). I also offer occasional live workshops online and face to face.

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Advanced Counselling Timelines

Use the power of timelines to improve client insight

The Timeline Technique course is designed to help counsellors and psychotherapists guide their clients through a structured exploration of their life events. This approach enhances clients’ self-insight by mapping significant memories and experiences, promoting a coherent self-narrative. The course covers four phases: Preparation, Implementation, Reflection, and Revisiting, offering practical advice, prompts, and alternative delivery methods. It integrates psychodynamic and narrative therapy principles, making it suitable for various client needs, including trauma work. Participants receive lifetime access to video lessons, worksheets, and a CPD certificate upon completion.

Identity informed relational therapy (II-RT)

A new perspective on identity and therapy

The Identity Informed Relational Therapy (II-RT) course outlines a new therapeutic perspective which integrates principles from social psychology and object relations theory to help therapists understand and work with clients’ personal and social identities. This approach offers practical tools to explore and reshape clients’ inner and outer worlds, aiming to alleviate distress and support healthy growth. II-RT is evidence-based, non-diagnostic, and designed to be flexible, enhancing existing therapeutic practices. It’s suitable for clients seeking a balance between insight-based and solution-focused therapy.