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Anxiety and counselling in Faversham

I offer anxiety counselling in Faversham and online. Anxiety can be constant and exhausting source of distress. It can make things which used to seem straightforward, such as making decisions, being out in public or having conversations with people, highly stressful experience. It can be disrupt sleep, relationships with other people and make work commitments difficult. It can also be linked to depression.

Anxiety is also linked to panic attacks, which can include heart rate increases, sweating, feeling like you can’t breathe, feeling sick and a fear of being out of control. Panic attacks can become a vicious circle, in which you become anxious about having a panic attack, which in turn makes you more anxious.

Anxiety can also lead to repeating and intrusive thoughts, which can be distressing. These thoughts can make decision making difficult, and once a decision has been made, you may doubt yourself over and over.

How can counselling help address anxiety?

Face to face counselling for anxiety can be helpful in a number of ways. To begin with, we can focus on the immediate experience of distress, in terms of panic responses and anxiety related thoughts.

For panic related symptoms, grounding exercises can give your mind a body a chance to break the cycle of panic thoughts and physical sensations. These will be something we would work on early in our time together.
In terms of thoughts, we may be able to work on how you relate to your thoughts, to take away the ‘power’ of the anxiety related ones to keep you stuck in a cycle of rumination.counselling in Faversham

Addressing deeper issues

These initial steps help you manage the symptoms of anxiety. We will also delve into the deeper issues which are the cause of the anxiety itself. These are as individual as you are, including issues from your past, events and relationships in the present, or a combination. We’ll explore these at your own pace, in a way which is safe and secure for you. Face to face work is particularly helpful here, as you are well supported, and your therapist can sense when you are approaching the limits of being ‘tolerably uncomfortable’, which is where the most effective change happens.

Counselling can equip with you with the tools to manage anxiety, and the insight to help you resolve the underlying issues so it is less present.

Explore face to face counselling in Faversham

Anxiety counselling is an investment in yourself, but it does commitment, and you need to be able to make the most of it. If you are interested in exploring anxiety counselling in Faversham, you should take time to speak with a few different counsellors / therapists to find someone you are confident in. I offer a free call (on phone or via zoom) which lets us get to know each other a little to see we could work together to address your anxiety. If you would like to explore this further, please simply reach out via the form below.

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